Quinn Teechma

Miss Canada at the Reina Mundial Del Banano 2022 Pageant & Owner of Queen Studios YYC

Quinn grew up on the remote island of “Lasqueti” off the west coast of Canada. She is a six-figure photographer, studio owner and educator, who is inspiring others to create positive lasting change in their lives.  She has dedicated her life to empowering people all over the globe. In May of 2022 Quinn competed for the Miss Universe Canada Pageant, winning the Miss Elegancy Award and placing in the top 20. Quinn has recently seen some success on TikTok, where she continues to inspire women virtually, on a global scale. Since she started her account, her following has had consistent growth, an achievement she credits in large part to her honesty and desire to inspire confidence in others. Quinn wishes inspire others to follow her path and see their inner and outer beauty.

About Quinn Teechma
Photo’s by Chantel G @cgphotographyxo

Be The Kind Of Woman Who Fixes Another Woman’s Crown Without Telling The World It Was Crooked.”

Anamika Singh

“It’s incredible what a little confidence can do in someone’s life.”

Quinn Teechma

Quinn has always felt a burning desire to help others and empower women.  Empowering women is her life and the heart of her business. After working thousands of countless independent hours, exponentially expanding her six- figure luxury boudoir photography company she is proud to share her accomplishments.  Quinn intends to launch multiple training courses to teach others to make Six Figures in Six Months and to grow and sustain their successful businesses. Photo by @Volumatic

Photo by Armand Flores – @armandmflores
Pageantry has evolved!

Beauty Pageants have come a long way.

“Pageants inspire millions of young girls across the universe to be better and do better. It’s so important that we are actively promoting positive change in our society. Pageants are the only thing I’ve come across that inspires women to look inward, build self awareness and confidence from within. Self development takes some a lifetime to even begin to work on.  Pageants encourage women to start the process of self development from an early age. To know one’s self and stand tall with confidence is the most powerful tool you can have stepping into the real world. I’m proud that pageants have taught me to believe in myself and step with strength.”

– Quinn Teechma

Photo’s by Chantel G – @cgphotographyxo

“I want to showcase the importance of accomplishing big goals, no matter where you started or where you come from.”

Quinn Teechma


  • Reina Mundial Del Banano – Finals


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Reina Mundial Del Banano Finals



Without your continuous support I would not be able to achieve my ambitious goals! Having each and every one of you as join me on my journey has made my dreams start to become a reality right in front of my eyes! Photo’s by Armand Flores – @armandmflores

Quinn Teechma
Miss Canada – Reina Mundial Del Banano 2022 Pageant

A little island child, to Calgary’s finest luxury boudoir photographer and might be the next Miss Universe Canada. Quinn Teechma is a true force to be reckoned with. Photo’s by Armand Flores – @armandmflores